Hello, my name is Norma. I went to Dr. Hawkins in May 2021 for pain from an accident. As she treated me for my accident she noticed I was rubbing my wrist. She asked me what was wrong? I explained the pain and tingling and numbness to my joints I was feeling. This was the after results from Covid-19 for 6 months. She immediately aligned my wrist!! OMG!!! It was wonderful, I no longer have joint pain in the wrist after the adjustment. She adjusted my wrist. My numbness and tingling disappeared. She is a great human being, very professional with a great group of professional staff who care!!! SHE IS GREAT!!! Go see her you wont regret it!! you will regret it if you don’t see her!!!

– Norma Q.

It has been 20 days since my stem cell shot in my knee at first I didn’t notice a change and I was a little bit skeptical but now at 20 days I have thrown away my cane and am not grabbing for it for support the bite in my knee seems to be gone fingers crossed and I was willing to wait up to three months to make a decision about whether it was worth it or not but already I can tell you I am getting better so I recommend people getting a stem cell shot if you have a sore knee and Dr Kari and her office are very friendly and clean and careful and give you respect fullTreatment beyond the usual way you were treated in a doctors office very brilliant doctor very caring I will be referring all of my clients to her

– Kathleen S.