Integrated Health Services


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Treats injuries or illnesses that affect how you move, with the aim of enhancing performance. These specialists treat any disability resulting from disease or injury involving any organ system.  The focus is not on one part of the body, but instead on the development of a comprehensive program for putting the pieces of a person’s life back together- medically, socially, emotionally, and vocational after injury or disease.


Is based on the idea of removing imbalances both structure and postural in an effort to allow our body to heal itself.  Chiropractors have the ability and skill to remove these interruptions or misalignments and allow the body to perform as it was meant to.


Is an ancient Chinese medicine used to alleviate pain and promote overall health. Through the stimulation of the meridians, an acupuncturist is able to restore balance and ergo health to the patient.

Massage Therapy 

Performs hands on manual manipulation of the body’s soft tissue structures (muscle, connective tissues, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being.  Massage therapy improves functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems and improves the rate at which the body recovers from injury and illness.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Diagnose, treat and perform surgical procedures on patients with various muscular, skeletal and joint conditions.  Treatable conditions include muscle and joint sprain/strain, ligament/cartilage and tendon tears, joint dislocations, and broken bones.  Our orthopedic surgeon uses the latest surgical technologies and procedures

B12 Injections

Severe vitamin B12 deficiency is corrected with frequent intramuscular injections of large doses of the vitamin, followed by maintenance doses at longer intervals.