Relieve Back Pain With Drug-Free, Surgery-Free Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are found within every tissue and organ in the human body. At Advanced Integrative Medical Center in Redondo Beach, California, Medical Director Cary Nelson, MD; Executive Director Kari Hawkins, DC; and knowledgeable specialists utilize mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to assist with back pain and more.

How MSCs work

Mesenchymal stem cells act as blank slates that can develop into the particular type of cell needed. We utilize MSCs harvested from the donor cord tissue of full-term healthy babies. Dr. Nelson and our team simply inject them near the site to be healed without surgery or challenge to your immune system.

Types of stem cells

Not all stem cells are alike. There are, in fact, four main types:

Embryonic stem cells

We create these within our bodies three to five days after a sperm fertilizes an egg cell. Since they can form nearly every type of cell, besides the umbilical cord and placenta, these are extremely helpful in studying patterns of human growth and disease.

Tissue-specific stem cells

Also known as somatic or adult stem cells, these generate cells for a specific purpose, depending upon where they’re located. Blood stem cells, for instance, produce only red and white blood cells and platelets. 

Induced pluripotent stem cells

These are created in a lab by converting tissue-specific cells, such as blood cells, into cells that behave like embryonic stem cells. They help us learn about the potential effects of new therapies and drugs on human disease.

Mesenchymal stem cells

Our team mostly utilizes these multipotent cells to help our patients heal. Since they morph into a variety of cell types, they offer great promise for a host of issues, including back pain. 

History of MSCs

The concept of mesenchymal stem cells dates back to the 1800s. Over the past twenty years, they’ve grown in usage and popularity due to their regenerative properties. Scientists initially discovered that MSCs in bone marrow could create cartilage, fat cells, and even bone. Since then, MSCs have been shown to possess immunogenic properties that enable these blank slates to work in tandem with our immune system without any ill effects.

Help your back with stem cells

In one study, a doctor injected 24 patients suffering from back pain with stem cells. Twelve of the patients used only stem cells without resorting to back surgery. Ten of those 12 reported less back pain within a few months. 

Our team injects stem cells into your back next to a damaged disc or other area of pain to help you heal without surgery. Dr. Nelson and our experienced staff at Advanced Integrative Medical Center look forward to relieving your pain in the most natural ways possible. If you’d like to learn more about stem cells or other integrative therapies, just give us a call or book an appointment online

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